Diabetic Medical Alert Jewelry – Getting Diabetic Men to Wear Alert Jewelry

A lot of men absolutely refuse to wear any sort of jewelry. These men tend to believe that jewelry is something only women should wear; they think that wearing jewelry is shows a lack of masculinity. Younger men are more open to the idea of wearing jewelry, but many older men won’t be persuaded to wear even one piece of jewelry, included in this group are a large number of male diabetics who refuse to wear diabetic medical alert jewelry.

Two of my male friends are diabetic and both of them refuse to wear any medical alert jewelry. If you ask them the reason why, they make excuses such as they think they would lose jewelry or they will tell you they simply don’t like jewelry on men.

These men are both type 2 diabetics and they both follow a carefully planned regime of proper diet and regular exercise. They regularly check their blood glucose levels and they both keep regular medical appointments. The one thing they won’t do is wear a small piece of jewelry that could be a life-saver.

It must be difficult to cope with living with a chronic illness, but my pals have managed to keep their condition under control and neither one of them has become insulin dependent. It seems a bit strange that they will do all the tough things, but are completely determined in their refusal to even consider wearing a piece of diabetic medical alert jewelry when it could be a life-saver.

People with diabetes must be given the right sort of medical care; if an unconscious diabetic person is treated by a physician who does not know they have the condition, their health will be in jeopardy. If a doctor gives the wrong treatment to the diabetic patient, the situation can be life-threatening.

The obvious danger for a diabetic is that he could fall into a diabetic coma. If he is away from home, he might receive assistance from people who have no idea he has diabetes. However, it is not just the danger of coma that threatens diabetics, unconsciousness can occur as the result of all kinds of accidents.

If the patient is wearing a piece of diabetic medical alert jewelry, the medics will be aware of the fact that he is diabetic and will be able to assess his condition and accordingly can provide correct treatment.